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Service Hours

Hours vary depending upon the type of inquiry.

  • Reservation/Information Center (Domestic/International Flights) ---Flight booking
    8:00-19:00 open all year
  • ANA Mileage Club ---Information relating to mileage
    Mon-Fri 9:00-19:00, Sat 9:00-17:00, Closed on Sun/Holiday/New Year's
  • ANA Disability Desk ---An inquiry desk for customers with disabilities
    9:00-17:00 Open all year
  • ANA Tour Assist Desk (ANA Sales) ---Inquiry about ANA's tour packages "ANA Sky Holiday"(Domestic) & "ANA Hallo Tour"(International)
    Mon-Fri 10:00-12:00,13:00-18:00, Closed on Sat/Sun/Holiday/Dec29th-Jan3rd

*Hours stated above are according to Japan Time.
*We accept other inquiries above or any unknown inquires from 8:00 to 19:00.

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  1. There may be a delay, the connection may drop, or any other unexpected error if there is a problem with the internet service. In such cases, go back to this page, wait a few minutes, and try again later.
  2. If the connection is not feasible, please try other method such as email or FAX below.

Other Methods of Inquiry

By Email
Send a message to the address above after converting (AT) to @

Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. Telecommunication Relay Services for ANA is a service for customers with hearing and speech disabilities.
    This service is not available for customers without such disabilities.
  2. We may discontinue chat support and restrict access to the service if we find any act offensive to public order and morals or acts considered inappropriate with regards to reasonable reasons.
  3. We store information obtained from our system (including chat logs) for a certain period of time if any further contact is required after chatting or for the purpose of improving our service. All information is treated securely and in accordance with PLUSVoice company privacy policy.

Where to Call

Please contact the following number for inquires regarding our handling of personal information and the system.
(Please note that the company below does not accept any inquiry regarding ANA service.)

PLUSVoice Inc.
TEL 022-723-1261
FAX 022-723-1262